We aspire to be a leading embodiment of technical and cultural progression by uniting the entrepreneurial spirit of U.S.founders with innovative software engineers in Africa.  We take pride in providing our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to build brand defining software that help them scale.

See the Revolution

the great expedition

With over 10 years of experience in building profitable web brands, we’ve learned a thing or two about success on the digital frontier.

  1. Having a customized software infrastructure designed specifically for your business objectives is absolutely paramount. No cookie-cutter templates.
  2. You can’t build without intelligent designers and top-notch engineers.

When the demand for naya’s services grew beyond our capacity, we knew it was time to evolve. To stay ahead of the curve, we set out on a global expedition to find the world’s top talent in software development.

All across the Americas, Eastern Europe, and India, we discovered a number of outsourcing consultants and freelancers. These were talented individuals indeed, but they were too thinly spread and operating on inflated rates. We were interested in uncovering the untapped markets where our clients’ resources could go even further.

While traveling in Africa, we were amazed by the abundance of highly skilled developers with limited opportunities in their local markets. It was here, at this moment, we realized we could be more than a premier tech solution for our clients. By connecting the rapid development of U.S. enterprises with the talent and agility of Africa’s best engineers, we could be a force of global change.

Today, we use strategic investing to support the development of tech hubs across Africa. With access to skilled engineers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, naya labs provides its U.S. clients with premium software development services that are budget-aligned. With access to emerging businesses in the U.S., naya labs empowers the lives of people around the world.

The solution is simple when you understand the value of human worth.

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