Our Approach

From High-Level
Strategy to Granular Implementation

We guide non-technical founders through the creation, funding and launch of their software products.  Every step of this process requires true commitment and expertise.

Here’s a look into the typical process:

1-2 weeks

2-3 weeks

1-2 weeks

1-3 months

5-9 months


Deep dive into the pain points and value proposition of your product.


User personas, competitor analysis and market research to better understand where your product fits and identify opportunities to win.


Having a clear visual understanding of your product strategy, road map and business requirements is critical to ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page and have the proper skills, motivation and knowledge to execute your vision.


With access to a thriving network of angel investors, we help you unlock the capital you need to hire your software development team and build the first commercially viable version of your product.


We maintain a global network of world-class experts in UI/UX design, frontend and backend development for web and mobile applications, project management and quality assurance testing (QA) - providing everything you need to level up your product development strategy.

Our Focus
Wisdom from Those
Who Believe in
Product-Led Growth

We exist to share our expertise and learnings from past experiences to help non-technical founders build great software products that users will love and lead to efficient revenue growth.   Experience has led us to a clear focus on where we are most impactful and those that can benefit the most from what you bring to a partnership.

Here’s a look at our focus criteria:


Agnostic, we’re open to all industries


3+ years work experience in your industry

Product Stage

Concept, prototype or MVP

Product Type

SaaS or Data-driven Software/Application

Our Team

Mike Makuch
Chief Technical
Wesley Kang
Chief Financial
Elliot Kitsikpui
Product Advisor
Ann Njuguna
Research &
Data Analytics
Asafu T. Thomas
Founder, Swiss
Army Knife


Rajiv Tarigopula
Snowy Owl
Kay Kukoyi
Purposeful Group

Board Member(s)

Jay Roy


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