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We take pride in providing our clients with the knowledge and resources needed to build brand defining software. Every project undergoes an initial analysis that defines its objectives and vision for success. From there, we assemble a customized team built specifically to achieve your goals. Our Project Managers and Lead Developers work in tandem to provide real-time support and project status updates with 24/7 support.

Success in software development comes in many forms and is never a one-size fits all approach. Not only do we love building your dream we also love sharing our working knowledge of software development frameworks.

Here’s our Services Playbook:


Every business begins as an epic journey. It is a quest that leads to the understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. It is our chance to leave our mark and improve the lives of those we serve. Like all journeys, we must take the first step. At naya, we are here to take that first step with you. We call it Discovery.

Discovery takes us on a deep-dive into your project where we analyze the scope and objectives of your business. Utilizing our years of experience in developing digital tools and current practices, we construct a technical roadmap to navigate your project from its initial concept to a polished product.

This first step is absolutely critical for any successful business and our team is here to work closely with you in identifying the key components in developing your project.

Discovery Package deliverables include:

  1. Feature Map (high-level view of features)
  2. User Flow (view of how the user flows through the app)
  3. User Personas (analysis of the type of users)
  4. Competitive Analysis (similar apps to what you want to build)
  5. Tech Stack Research

Our initial Discovery Package is Risk Free. The cost of this service is included in the following services should you decide to move forward with us as your primary design and development team.


The next step leads to design, where your project begins to take shape. The information gathered in the Discovery Package creates the foundation our design team needs to begin building the blueprints for your project. Our design team operates in three phases that address the structure and style of your product and end with a prototype.

Our three phase process:

  1. Wireframing. Using highly collaborative and flexible design tools, Figma and Invision, the design team builds the infrastructure for your product. The wireframing process offers an insider’s view of how your users will navigate and interact with your product.
  2. User Interface. With your commitment and approval, the design team moves onto designing the user interface. With a number of concepts to choose from, you will see how your product looks and feels from your target audiences’ perspective. The final design is based on the winning concept.
  3. Prototype. This final phase combines the wireframe infrastructure with the UI design to form a working prototype. This is the complete blueprint for how your product will function, look, and feel.

Once the prototype is approved, we’ll put together a full estimate of the hours required to complete the final product. All estimates are completed by a lead developer and include hours, user stories, development milestones, a sprint schedule, and a strategic approach to the overall product development. During this time, we also assemble a complete development team and provide the details of member responsibilities.

Typical software development teams consist include:

  1. Lead Developer (Senior Backend or Fullstack Developer)
  2. Backend Developer
  3. Frontend Developer
  4. Project Manager
  5. Designer (For ongoing support)


Communication and strategic planning are paramount in the Discovery and Design services, Development is no different. That is why every development phase begins with the construction of a Business Requirement Document (BRD). Our BRD positions you as an active and informed member of the development team, giving you a detailed report of the development lineup to share with your project’s stakeholders. Your assigned Project Manager works in tandem with your Lead Developer to provide you with a complete layout of the development goals and process.

Once the BRD is complete and all participants have reviewed the document, we’ll host a meeting with the development team for a final review. During this time, we’ll walk through the scope of your business, the goals of your product, discovery page assets, the wireframes, tech stack details, and the implementation of all design elements. We will also set the development milestones as well as the product deadlines. Breakout stories are set in 1-2 week sprints with your Project Manager scheduling weekly check-in with your Development Team.

With all parties in agreement, your project shifts into full development mode.


Your product is fully developed and live, but this is merely the beginning. At the completion of development, we run through a full project review with you. In this phase you will be informed of the level of support required to maintain your product’s operations. We’re big believers in Murphy’s Law, but we’re even bigger believers in improved performance. You will be assigned a dedicated Maintenance Team to keep your product’s performance efficient. With technology’s ever evolving trends, your Maintenance Team takes a three-point approach to monitor, optimize, and update your product’s software with minimal disruption to performance.

The beauty of our design and development work is the ease of maintenance. With a complete mapping of the backend and frontend of your product and our collaborative toolkits, your team has everything they need to keep you up-to-date and competitive. We’ll free you from the stress of maintaining your product so you can focus on advancing your business goals.

Our Maintenance Package includes:

  1. Performance Optimization
  2. Error Monitoring and Debugging
  3. Software Updates

Our initial Discovery Package is Risk Free. The cost of this service is included in the following services should you decide to move forward with us as your primary design and development team.

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Strengthen your team through outsourcing - Whether you need full time or part time; temporary or permanent engineers we’ve got you covered. naya labs is your technology partner capable of supporting your business at every stage of development. Through our partnership you gain access to world class software engineers.

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Your team in the U.S. are technology experts with strong communication skills and over 10 years software and project management.

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Your Engineers in Africa are experts in writing clean code, full stack Javascript specialists with an average of 7 years of experience.

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