We take a progressive stance on professional enrichment across all ages and genders. To further our goals of social and professional equity, we needed to find institutions that shared our vision. When we came across Soronko Academy in Ghana, we knew we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

soronko academy

In the ever-evolving world of technology, innovation becomes a leading factor in the way we conduct business. Innovation is the union of intelligence and creativity. It propels us forward, redefining what we know to be possible. Ultimately, innovation becomes part of our identity on both a systemic and individual level. The question then becomes, how do we find innovation? How do we nurture innovation so we may grow and prosper from it? One institution has found a solution, Soronko Academy.

Soronko Academy is an all-inclusive computer coding school for women and children in Ghana. Designed to educate and develop the innovative thinking for future generations of coders, Soronko Academy challenges its students to use their coding languages and solve real-world problems for their communities. Women and children come to Soronko Academy to not only enhance their knowledge of technical coding and ICT skills but also to learn the power of leadership, networking, and entrepreneurship. They gain access to internships and jobs in the tech industry that will give them the opportunities and competitive edge to write their own future.

As a solution-driven institution, Soronko Academy works with its students to ensure success by offering assisted programming to individuals with varying physical and mental abilities. The academy teaches children ages 5 to 18 years of age and offers programming for adults and students in University to learn practical technical skills. All students have access to job and internship opportunities.

At naya labs, we are passionate about Soronko Academy’s cause and wish to see it thrive. To support their mission, naya labs commits a percentage of our net revenue to Soronko Academy in Ghana. For us, there is no better way forward than investing in younger generations so they may one day take up the mantle and carry our future forward. When a child or woman can do what they love, it promotes confidence, a willingness to learn, critical thinking, and adds another productive member to our society. That is the shared vision of Soronko Academy and naya labs.