Welcome to naya labs! We’re always searching for the best and brightest software engineers across the African continent. If you’re committed to a life-long career in software development, we’re the partner for you. Review our onboarding process below and get ready to take the next step in advancing your career.

onboarding process

1. application

Apply to one of our technology hubs and submit your resume and Github information for review. You might be interested in us, but we’re certainly interested in you, especially your experiences on previous projects.

2. interview

A positive mind-set and a strong work ethic will carry you far in software development. We are passionate about the developers we work with. If our professional goals are a match, we want to know.

3. Trial period

There’s no better bonding experience than coding in real-time. A successful trial period will show us how well we can work with you in group and individual settings. We want the best, not only for our clients, but for our developers too.

4. mentorship & education

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